Bleecker Burger

Darlings. You’ve heard of the Burger King? Well, I am turning into the Burger Princess. And this is my review of Bleecker Burger. Gosh, two weeks in a row of eating burgers – I feel like I owe my stomach a month of rice cakes and salad. Thankfully I’m almost as skinny as Kate due … Continued

Honest At Home – Honest Burgers

Welcome back! This week I ordered the Honest At Home kit from Honest Burgers. Yep, this week I actually bought burgers from a burger company, unlike last week. I also had a friend visit me this week, honestly, he works for Waitrose – I think he’s the marketing director or something along those lines. I … Continued

Burger & Beyond

Darlings, guess who I ordered a restaurant kit from this week. Yeah, Burger & Beyond. How did you guess that? OK, guess what I bought. Yeah, fried chicken. From a burger joint. Trust me, there is logic to this. Well, there is logic and then later in the story this absolutely falls apart like Boris … Continued

Bad Brownie

Hey babes! I’m back! And I’m bad! How Bad? Bad Brownie bad! Do you love an exclamation mark too?!!!!!!! Do you know who else is bad? Oh yeah. I still cannot get over it. Princess Diana’s death will never leave me – she understood me. She knew what I was going through. Oh and Michael … Continued